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Giving Back

It’s one of those important rules we learn as kids: SHARE. So we do. A percentage of our profit is joyfully given to a number of children- and sports-related charities every year. Here is a current list of the charities we support:

Need a new idea to reinvigorate your fundraising? Try Colors for Causes, a new concept for raising awareness, enthusiasm and money.

Pink – Breast Cancer
White – Children’s Autism
Yellow – ALS
Black – Wounded Warrior
Green – Children’s Hospitals
Blue – Granting Children’s Dreams
Purple – Children’s Hunger fund
Red – Special Olympics
Orange – Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Baby Blue – Victory Junction
Neon Green – Missing Grace
Zach’s Premium – Mozambique Hospital

Giving to Make-A-Wish

We also encourage schools and teams to consider using Zach’s Extreme Color Gel for their fundraising needs.
No more candy bars, right?

If you would like Zach’s Wax to consider your charity as a fundraiser, contact

Zach's Wax is Flair For Your Hair!