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Get to Know Zach's Wax Products

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Spirit Gel
Zach's Wax Spirit Gel is a temporary hair color gel available in 11 bold colors. With Spirit Gel you can go from game ready to business ready in a flash. Add your color, shape your hair then wash it out.

Zach's Premium
Zach's Premium is everyday hair products for the office or the classroom. Whether you're looking for a shampoo, firm hold clear gel or the precision of a molding cream or pomade...Zach's Premium is for you.

Get to Know Zach's Wax People


The Beginning
Established in 2007 and headquartered in Ventura, California, Zach’s Wax is a family business started by us, Eric & Joy Plahn, with the enthusiastic help of our four children. Zach is our oldest.

We started in the garage. It was the warehouse, the idea center, the shipping department, and the board room.  It took everyone's help and cooperation to get it off the ground. 


Get to know Zach's Wax Heart

When Zach’s Wax was founded, the Plahn family made a decision to build the business around the idea of giving-back. “My wife and I like to help others.  Doing it through our company—and especially through crazy colored hair—was an idea we liked and one that our kids could get excited about.” Eric...Zach’s Dad

Giving back” means a percentage of every sale goes to charity either through a coloring event or through a prearranged purchase code. By color, we designate to charities and have the privilege of partnering with some great ones....

Pink – Breast Cancer
White – Children’s Autism
Yellow – ALS
Black – Wounded Warrior
Green – Children’s Hospitals
Blue – Granting Children’s Dreams
Purple – Children’s Hunger fund
Red – Special Olympics
Orange – Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Baby Blue – Victory Junction
Neon Green – Missing Grace
Zach’s Premium – Mozambique Hospital

So many charities   identify   themselves   with   color.   Zach’s blends   beautifully with   this concept and our customers love the connection!

So many charities identify themselves with color. Zach’s blends beautifully with this concept and our customers love the connection!

Get to know Zach's Wax Fans

Some comments from our fans...

"Zach's Wax is great for the whole family, my boys love it for crazy hair day and it gives us all the extra color we need to root on the Broncos with added spirit.
- Mike

"Every day I use Zack's Wax to add fun to my hair.  I'm an insurance agent and my customer's look forward to my different crazy styles and they know if I have no color I must not be feeling good.  I love Zack's Wax!"

"I have been using it for 3 years and just love it.  Don't have to lose all my pizzazz at 78.  It has brought me great enjoyment, many compliments and also some looks like I have lost my"

"“Wow! We had such a blast with Zach's Wax! …The older ones love it for football. They are showing their school spirit by wearing their school colors.” 
-Teresa Fritz, Fun Fritz Family Blog

“… you know, kids like to color their hair...and if they can get enjoyment out of it with the ability to wash it out, why not? So, Zach's Wax is not just good for Halloween, it is good for just about any reason!”
-Katie Campbell, A Shopper’s Quest Blog


Get to Know Zach's Wax in Action